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Thus it was that in the Tenth Month of the Two-Thousand and Sixteenth Year of this calendar of current usage, in which many terrible things happened, that two persons decided they “Had Basically Had It”, and commenced to letting forth with varied Great and Horrifying buttons and items filled with phantasmic energies and frights, with which they could banish the other more terrible things from the sight of the world.

Pumpkiniteuse is only open from October 1st until October 31st, with a remote possibility it will also be open on All Saints' Day (November 1), but no guarantees on that.

Pumpkiniteuse is brought to you by the busy minds behind Fabrication Fabrication that are haunted by pumpkins, punk rock, monsters, food items, and tiny knick-knacks that make you go "eeee!" with delight when you see them.