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Haunted Clothes


Image of Haunted Clothes
  • Image of Haunted Clothes
  • Image of Haunted Clothes
  • Image of Haunted Clothes
  • Image of Haunted Clothes

Did you know when your clothes are made, natural spirits in the material are dried until they’re nearly gone? Pumpkiniteuse restores retired clothes’ natural spirits using our special new ReHauntrating™ process. Each respirited original is unique.

How Are Clothes ReHauntrated™?

ReHauntration™ is an artisanal series of steps we apply to upcycled clothes. Each item is hand-picked & inspected by our “human” staff in the USA. Brought by public transit to our historic warehouse, any potential impurities are removed in a gentle wash of organic, hypoallergenic detergent (really!). During final ReHauntration™, we apply a magical veneer to each item, revealing the spirit(s) previously hidden within. The entire process is earth-positive, animal-friendly, and spirit-soothing.

TL;DR: We put ghosts on second-hand shirts to make them spooky. You're welcome.

Shirt descriptions

Dress Shirt, Red: The pattern is gray thread. This means the shirt, and ghost, are bumpy. Feel the excitement.

Cambridge Youth, Blue: number 6 on back

Cambridge Youth, red: number 5 on back

Women's Striped Long-sleeve: fitted. Show off your curves!

Women's Black Lacoste Izod Long sleeve: Classic preppy ghost.

Cal-Mom: printing on the back, too. What does it mean? It means “Halloween”.

Salem Witches jersey: Witch, number 29, and name (Flessas) on back

Women's Floral: Flowers are embroidered and only on the front of the shirt. Seam in the middle, fitted.

College Future Ready: additional design on back, and arm

Massachusetts USA Hockey: Yes, a ghost is interested hockey. Why shouldn't it be? Additional printing on back.

Big Pink!: Words start on back, continue on front. Original ink is of a puffed, textured style. Ghosts float right on top of that. Spike it!

Red Sox: The scariest shirt we own. LOOK AT HOW SCARED THEY ARE BY ORTIZ’S GHOST. After David Ortiz was shot, his ghost came out for a bit and looked around. Now he’s better and his ghost has returned to his body. Commemorate this historic event with this historic one-of-a-kind shirt.

Dress Shirt, Brown: Vintage Oxford-style textured, 100% cotton. Don't show off your curves!

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