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Monster Talisman 1.5" Button


Image of Monster Talisman 1.5" Button

We’ll let you in on a secret: we’re not supposed to let you in on this secret. It’s secret. You won’t tell? Ok, well…

A while back, on a rainy night, a damp hand knocked on our workshop door. An old woman. Something about a curse, a lost soul, shrieking hunts for revenge, a house cursed, and a cure—would we help? Faster than a shaving cream cap could be melted on Halloween eve, we were on it.

This button is it: keeps shadowy types away. It also brightens your outfits, enchants love-mates, and is guaranteed to make your teeth look less green in comparison.

Neon green because this isn’t Christmas, it’s Halloween.

This original artwork is exclusive to Pumpkiniteuse. Every button design is conjured in Somerville, MA, by enthusiastic goblins and ghouls' hands claws.


  • 1.5” diamond
  • Halloween neon green
  • Conveys monster love, without monster mayhem
  • On an elegant backing card