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Witch Postcard


Image of Witch Postcard
  • Image of Witch Postcard

Your wall has been talking to me. It says “Hey, ghost/writer, I’ve got to ask you a question”. So I say “Hey wall, what’s up?”, because we are pals and no formalities are needed. And wall, it says, “Well like I got this empty space on me, and like [my friend, aka: you] has been needing something with a little bit of oomph, you know?”

Me? I say “hurumph” because yes I DO know that, NOW, but you could have told me sooner, because what YOU need is something to tell others you are in charge, that you take no guff, that you can give as good as good as you get AND that you are a mystical wand-wielder.

Our witch is letting that pumpkin know they are NOT to be messed with—like you. Maybe you have a friend that needs to feel their own power? Send them a card, too. The 6" x 4.5" card is printed on the back, complete with a handsome mustachioed skull (in cap) acting as a stamp placeholder. ¡Hola!

This original artwork is exclusive to Pumpkiniteuse. Every card is hand-screened here in Somerville, MA, by enthusiastic goblins and ghouls. Heavy cardstock is soft to your eyes, yet strong enough to go on your walls or post office. Two-colors, both Halloween approved, but suitable for all seasons.


  • 6" x 4.5" postcard
  • Hand-screened
  • 100lb archival paper
  • Tough as hexx witch on front